food fest

What hits your mind when someone says, ‘Made for each other’? 
Remember the last time you had that perfect food. When the subtle flavors blended perfectly in your mouth. Giving a taste which was sheer heaven, a taste which you felt you might never find again! 
Just the way biscuit melts with tea, the way melted ice cream glides through sizzling brownie leaving you tempting for more. That is what we are searching for!

As part of our food festival, we present a competition for showcasing your favorite Food-Combo.

What is to be done:
1. Share a picture of your best food combo on your Facebook timeline.
2. Write a catchy caption for your photograph that includes the following-
Your name, the name of your college, name of your food combo, your caption. It is mandatory to use these hashtags: #Infusion #Infusion19#IIMRohtak #food #combo #madeinheaven and tag IIMR Infusion


1. Each image must be original work of the participant
2. The number of dishes in your food combo can be according to your taste and creativity
3. Digital manipulation is strictly prohibited, only basic enhancements allowed
4. It is mandatory to use above mentioned hashtags, and tagging IIMR Infusion


The entries will be judged on the following criteria:
• Number of Likes on the post shared by Infusion page (50%)
• The best combination (read-taste) (40%)
• Visual appeal (10%)

Prizes worth Rs. 2000

Prize: E-certificate issued by Infusion Team, Indian Institute of Management Rohtak
Result to be declared on 17th January, 2019 via our FB page 

IIM Rohtak, Management City, Southern Bypass, NH 10, Sunaria, Rohtak, Haryana 124001

Contact us: 

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